02, Feb 2017

Koushik Yachendra: Driven by Passion to Transform Edu Tech & HR Space

Today the company empowers educational institutions to produce high quality professionals by offering innovative solutions and software enabling the industry to identify and recruit the right talent though their products EPracto & EYardstick respectively…More


07, Feb 2017

Formac – Helping Build An Industry-Ready Generation

The need of the hour is focused education with a purpose. There should be industry readiness and entrepreneurial spirit among students. Faculty should facilitate it via technology and college management must support this culture for betterment of one and all, says Koushik Yachendra, CEO & Founder of Company, Formac Software Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN)…More


March 2017

Formac Software Services – Radical Solutions to Groom High Quality Professionals

Formac is catering to the corporate sector through two innovative products: EYardstick and EYardstick Pro. EYardstick, is an all in one online assessment software designed to help companies assess and zero in on the right talent. Some of its distinctive features include secure user friendly video assessments, innovative sourcing, huge question bank and robust platform. EYardstick Pro is an advanced assessment tool that features assessment questions around real time solutions required for actual job performance…More

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